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An accomplished writer, M. Zachary Sherman has penned comic scripts for Marvel, Radical, Image, and Dark Horse. He is currently working on the America’s Army comic series and video game as well as a novel based on the Hawken universe for Meteor Entertainment.

Sherman attributes his visual writing style to having worked as a Digital Effects Artist for over a decade at such companies as Industrial Light and Magic on films like the new Star Wars trilogy, the Pirates of the Caribbean films and The Chronicles of Narnia. Besides comics, Sherman’s work has encompassed multiple platforms and genres, ranging from video games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown for 2K Games, Rogue Warrior and SAW for Zombie Studios to multiple feature films and commercial projects for many major motion picture producers and studios.

For projects like Radical’s Shrapnel and America’s Army, Sherman calls upon his military background as a United States Marine to put a level of realism into the mix of operational mystery and combat action.


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