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“XCOM: Enemy Unknown” Wins

February 20th, 2013 · 1 Comment · News

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the game I wrote for Firaxis and 2K, won E3 Strategy game of the Year for 2012 and was chosen by the 2012 Spike TV Video Game Awards Best PC Game. Giant Bomb and GameTrailers awarded it their overall Game of the Year award for 2012. GameSpy gave XCOM its Game of the Year award (“Achievements: Game of the Year, High Tension, Making Turn-Based Cool Again”), writing that “few games can deliver the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in the way that XCOM does.” Excellent work, Jake, Jack, Garth, Scott and the rest of the team!


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  • Julfor

    Boooo! I was about to buy this game, thinking this is the orniagil XCOM that made me download it on thy brand new laptop I just bought after mine recently blew up but NOPE! Sorry, Joe but I am totally against the fact that they limited the size of squads from the platoon size I was able to deploy from the good old orniagil XCOM. This in fact was so important as it became like the classic movie Platoon (instead of Vietnam, now with aliens). Plus taking away base siege by aliens? WTF MAN?! That was one of my favourites when I was going balls out blowing alien shit left and right in orniagil XCOM, and then going into creepy economy selling alien bodies for couple million dollars after every successful mission to the point I pissed off aliens so much that they started to actively hunt my arse! Those kind of thrills was THE SH*T of the orniagil XCOM! Also the thrill was the fact that you started out as MERE HUMAN i.e. with basic human will power and latest human technology. (i.e. crappy human rifles and pistols and conventional jets that needed fuel). Here are some of the awesomest thrills I had from the old one that seemed to be gone in this game:1) All of the nations stopped supporting me in the orniagil XCOM because aliens actually bribed them out secretly to pull out from the XCOM project one by one by the end of the game with surprisingly only Russian Federation supporting me with three milion dollars as the last nation on Earth. Because you lose the game if all nations pull out their funding, I had to scramble on The All Balls out mission to the Mars before Russians themselves pulled the plug and went in cahoots with aliens. This was enormous adrenaline injection.2) Aliens started wrecking my shit because I really disturbed their shit too much. I started losing base, after base, after base, because my XCOM platoons was so successful in their deployments, that I was forced into last stand with only one base left in Antarctica where I pooled the last remaining survivors and veterans of XCOM wars. All in all the last 300 heroes of XCOM, making stand against huge alien army, as they bypassing my AA batteries, taking heavy casualties D-Day style, outnumbering my guys 3 to o1, pouring from the captured hangars, destroying my last base room to room, blowing it wall by wall AND seiling to kill or capture the last defenders of earth. 3) The horror as your veteran troops suddenly begin turning on each other as you for the first time face the telepathic mind controlling aliens . Oh boy God FORBID IF YOU GOT ONE OF THE WEAK WILLED AND LILY LIVERED SOLDIERS IN YOUR PLATOON! You can’t help it but getting paranoid as you one by one point your soldiers at each other and yet try to manage to set them out to watch 360 as well, wondering in horror who will be first soldier to be overtaken by aliens and shoot one of your fellow soldiers in the back? This turned it in lik The Thing movie, where you literally have soldiers in isolated room and you order them or one to drop his weapons while having to assign one of you veteran soldiers to watch him with itchy trigger to shoot him at the moment’s of notice he starts to act weirdly under alien’s control. Oh boy as well if they got grenades?! Then you have entire squad blown up suicide bomber style!Those kind of moments made me keep the orniagil 90s XCOM. I still love to this day and unfortunately this new XCOM did not buy me. I just wish they truely took the old game and improved the graphics and physics on it, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. They dumbed it down way too far for me

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