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Operation Flashpoint: Red River is announced!

November 23rd, 2010 · 1 Comment · News

Codemasters’ has let the cat out of the bag on this one, so I’m going to do a full-court press myself. “Operation: Flashpoint – Red River” is the latest game in the series and it was written by yours truly.

There is always a fine line between fact/realism and truth/entertainment and as creators, we straddle it (yes, I said straddle, Beavis) frequently.

There are many elements in this game that are USMC fact and I tried very hard to make them sound like real Marines. A special shout out to 1st LT. Daniel Apodaca and Sgt. William Kirby for helping me with some of the technical jargon I’d forgotten over the years, but hell, I’m old now. This is as close as I could get to my days in the Corps, given what the developers wanted, and I think the fun characters and realistic scenarios are going to light out the gaming screen. And fear not! It’s fun as hell and these Marines SOUND like real Marines! After all, everyone that knows me knows I love a well-placed F-Bomb now and again!

This game is going to be hard-core intense and though it will, no doubt, be compared to MoH and CoD, it’s a very different type of game. This game is all about strategy and tactics and not jumping around like a frickin’ jack rabbit and noob-tubing everyone. The screen shots below are AWESOME and it looks so great, I can’t wait to play it! Yes, there are a couple of concept art pieces in here, too, but these are all in-game shots!



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