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America’s Army has a new artist–

December 15th, 2014 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Some of you out there who follow my tumultuous career know that I love military comics. Not just my own (natch!), but other ones as well. GI JOE, for one, and I have always admired the art on the relaunch from IDW back in 2000-whatever. Robert Atkins is not just an amazing artist, but he’s a fantastic guy. I met him at he SDCC where he was introduced as the new series’ artist. Man, I was so jealous of Chuck Dixon then, not just because he’d snagged my dream job, but he was getting an A-Team of people to support him.

Well, lucky for us, Robert Atkins has stepped away from GI JOE just long enough to do a three-issue run of AA for us! He’s starting with Issue 13 and going through Issue 15, but as a special treat, he did a wrap-around cover for AA#12, which hits the virtual shelves on December 17th; this Wednesday! Special thanks and a shout-out to my Project Leader and client, Michael Barnett, for trusting me when I said we should talk to Robert about working with us. Hope you all enjoy the first of three issues.

Here’s a little insight into the arc– It’s not Mustang related, but focusing on a new character we’ve seen briefly before, Captain Carter. It’s a nice origin story with a pretty good payoff at the end. i think you’ll all dig it once we get through the first 9 pages and the action starts, but hey– gotta have a character build up, right?


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